Where and How to Promote Your Content

Content Creation and Type
There are so many ways to create and share your content

Creating content might seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t. It just takes some planning, goal making and preparation. There are many ways to share information about the products and services of your business and several  different types of content that can be used in your marketing plans and goals.  The top 5 most common content types are discussed below.


Having a blog for your company should be central to your marketing plan. A blog can be hosted on your website or via an outside blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger and linked to your website. A blog is a great way to build a community of followers to your brand. When you blog, it is important to have your marketing goal in mind for the blog and it is just as important to keep those goals. Once you start posting on the blog, it is crucial to be consistent and continue with your blogging program. A blog can be a big factor in helping to enhance the Search Engine Optimization for your website. Use keywords that are specific for your business and your marketing message in your blog posts in order to help with your search visibility. Blog posts do not have to be long. If you say what you want to say in less than 200 words, then that is fine. If you need more words to share what you want to say, then that is fine too. Include a Call-to-Action in every blog post that can lead your readers to other content or to subscribe to your blog.


E-Newsletters are permission-based digital communication sent to current and prospective customers, and  can be sent out daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. They contain short articles (or links to larger articles) and informational pieces about your company. E-newletters are great ways to promote webinars, ebooks, blog posts, etc. Also, include Calls-to-Action in the newsletters for other content offers and subscription to your blog.

White Paper

A white paper is a report which is usually 8-12 pages long on topics that could require more information and explanation. White papers are similar to the research reports that you wrote in school. This type of content is a great source for lead generation as prospects and customers are looking to your company as experts on a topic and they will download your content to find out more about your business.


An ebook is a longer and larger version of a white paper, such as the Linkmedia 360 offer of “How to Create a Killer Content Marketing Strategy”.  Ebooks can range from 10-40 or more pages and offer more complex information than a blog or a white paper. Use visuals and graphics in the layout of the ebook to keep your audience reading and informed.


Linkmedia 360  has hosted many webinars over the past few years.  A webinar is a seminar that is presented online. The audience signs up for the presentation through a webinar service such as GotoMeeting. Webinars can be presented live or on-demand. The webinar presenters use slides, audio and video to discuss a wide variety of topics. It is very important to properly promote the webinar through other content types like blogs, e-newsletters and social media.

Watch for future blog posts discussing even more types of content!  Pick the content types that work the best for your company and your business goals. It is easy to monitor and get analytics for all of the content types mentioned above. If one of the types isn’t working for your marketing plan, then try another one! There are no excuses not to get started with a great content marketing plan for your business in 2014!

 To find out more about creating a Killer Content Strategy, download our ebook today! 

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