Where is Our Senior Living Community on Google?

Understanding the Anatomy of Google’s Search Engine Results Page

How many times have you been asked by a well meaning Board Member or Executive Director this important question, “where are we on Google? Why do we not show up?”

Sound familiar? I’m sure it does and we’re here to help you satisfy your most curious and analytical colleague.

Before we jump into the detailed technical explanation you know so well, it’s probably best to take a step back and review the anatomy of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on Google.

Please watch Episode 4 of Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces today. We’re going to help you explain the anatomy of the Google Search Engine Results page to your boss.

The 3-Part SERP

There are 3 sections on the Google SERP

  1. Paid Media – where you bid (pay) for placement by the click
  2. Local Listings or Map Pack – you must update your Name, Address, Phone Number and Website on listings and directories
  3. Organic Search Results – the classic section of the SERP where numerous factors considered to determine your ability to answer the question at hand

Please join us for Episode 5 next week as we learn about bidding strategies for Google’s Paid Media listings.

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