Which Call to Action (CTA) Works Best? | FIFF Episode 3

What Works?

Ever spent hours agonizing over the best “Call to Action” (CTA) statement to use on your website?

“Call Now”, “Learn More”, “Contact Us”…we have so many CTAs to choose from but we’re always wondering if we’re using the best one. Please watch episode #3 as we dive into this topic and reveal the best CTA to use to help you book campus tours for your community.

First things First

Before we analyze important considerations like button placement and phrasing, it’s important to put ourselves in the mindset of the visitor. Are they casually researching or do they have an imminent need for care?

Better understanding and anticipating their situation gives us the best opportunity to turn that website visitor into an engaged potential resident.

Two Paths Forward

Our primary concern is to give each potential resident a path on the website that addresses their needs. This self-selection process improves the user experience, and it also provides the community with very important insights on the current situation of the buyer.

Once you have the signals sorted and situation under control, we can then review the best language to use to drive the conversions

Please watch the episode and let us know what you think.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, let us know and we’ll have you on the show.

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