What is MarTech and why is it Important for Senior Living Providers?

In response to COVID-19, the senior living industry, like many others, has had to reconfigure its operations and workflows to deal with the crisis. During this time, consumers only outlet for helpful resources and answers to serious concerns were the websites of trusted providers.

To meet the need for increased digital communications, senior living marketing teams had to accelerate their investments in marketing technology… also known as MarTech. But, what is MarTech, and why is it essential for senior living providers?

With an understanding of MarTech and the tools available to providers, they will be better prepared to navigate today’s new normal and overcome future challenges. Continue reading to learn:

  • A definition of MarTech for senior living providers
  • Recommended MarTech solutions that senior living marketing teams have leveraged to nurture leads and keep the sales funnel full, including a definition of each recommended tool

What is MarTech?

MarTech is the blending of marketing and technology and encompasses the tools and software that marketing teams use to better communicate with their prospects, customers and stakeholders. The blended term MarTech is evidence of the essential role that technology has in today’s competitive marketing landscape.

Every software or tool that your marketing team uses to plan, execute or measure the performance of marketing campaigns are all part of the MarTech stack. The MarTech stack represents the collection of technologies that are integrated together by marketing teams to improve marketing activities and realize a shared organizational goal.

Each year, more tools and technology platforms are available to providers, which increases the MarTech stack. That said, during Covid-19, some MarTech solutions became more important than others. Some were used to deliver updates in a timely and efficient manner to concerned family members or stakeholders. They also rose to prominence in nurturing leads for marketing and sales teams.

Essential MarTech Solutions for Senior Living Providers During Covid-19

While there are numerous MarTech solutions available to senior living providers, there are several that have proven beneficial in keeping the sales pipeline full of interested leads. Based on the results of client partners during Covid-19, our team recommends senior living marketing teams implement the following tools if it hasn’t already:

Notification Bar: An asset placed on prominent pages to call key information to attention that is linked to a landing page or blog post.

Live Chat: Utilized in addition to tracked phone numbers and inquiry forms. Live chat allows for proactive chat and additional notification functionality.

Call Tracking: A solution that creates unique trackable phone numbers for each marketing source.

Email Marketing Platform: An email marketing platform that is integrated with your website and CRM to send automated nurturing campaigns aligned with your sales team outreach.

360 Virtual Tours: These interactive tours are captured and produced by a Google Trusted partner. This asset can be embedded on your website and in your Google My Business listings.

Digital Brochures: Beautiful print brochures converted to digital versions that can include interactive and clickable elements.

Informational Videos: Low budget and efficiently produced videos created from landing pages or blog content, with motion graphics, music and text call outs. These videos can be embedded on your website and utilized in numerous channels like Facebook and YouTube.

Interactive Floor Plans: These floor plans take your static PDFs and Images and turn them into an interactive experience that allows for drag and drop furniture and attractive 3D renderings.

Calendar Sharing and Scheduling Applications: This functionality shares your availability in email follow-ups and web pages for remote meeting and precise scheduling times with prospects.

What’s Next?

Each blog post in this MarTech series for senior living will provide a breakdown of the tools above, with tips, best practices and examples of how your community can apply them to accomplish your goals. If your team has a specific question about MarTech or the tools above, we would be happy to answer them. Contact our team and we’ll provide specific MarTech solutions to help you navigate the road ahead with clarity and confidence.

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