Top 2 Reasons to Register for Next Week’s Programmatic Advertising Webinar

Marketing and leadership teams have likely heard the terms ‘native content advertising’, ‘programmatic advertising’, and ‘remarketing’ during conferences and trade shows.

There’s good reason: the capabilities and versatility of programmatic are staggering.

With programmatic advertising, a senior living provider can engage with a qualified resident before he/she is bombarded by marketing and sales messages from competitors. Additionally, programmatic can help providers customize and categorize audience segments, reach ideal donors to grow charitable foundation endowments and recapture the attention of prospective residents in specific zip codes after a visit.

If your senior living community sees an opportunity to leverage programmatic advertising to overcome challenges but has no idea how programmatic works, where to start, or what to spend, our upcoming webinar is for you.

Thursday, August 8th

12:00 PM EST

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For communities still on the fence, we’ve provided additional context. Continue reading to learn:

  • Three reasons why senior living marketing teams should register for our Programmatic Advertising webinar on August 8th at 12:00 PM EST
  • A summary of what will be covered during the webinar

Reason #1: Digital Ad Spending has Surpassed Traditional

Print (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, etc.), TV and radio are vital channels to include in the senior living marketing mix. That said, the meteoric rise of digital cannot be understated. Experts have predicted that digital ad spending would overtake traditional ad spending for some time, based on industry trends and shifting consumer preferences.

That time is 2019. While the digital advertising landscape has highly visible and recognized players the likes of Facebook, Google and Amazon, programmatic advertising is a vital contributor to this shift. In fact, back in 2003, Forbes cited programmatic advertising as the future of digital. At that time, brands like Disney, Kellogg, Hyundai and others pioneered programmatic. Today, senior living providers across the U.S. are leveraging programmatic advertising to surpass census goals and overcome a myriad of challenges.

Register for our webinar and tune in on August 8th to learn the necessary programmatic channels that are driving senior living marketing success.

Reason #2: Your Competitors Could be Geofencing Your Community Right Now

If a neighbor builds a fence around their yard, it’s obvious. If your competition puts a geofence around your senior living community’s location, it’s mostly obvious to prospective residents and ACIs who are in the range of your community. Senior living marketing teams can take steps to counteract this circumstance and ‘use fire to fight fire’ with programmatic advertising.

That said, if your community doesn’t know the programmatic channels and tactics available to them, it will miss these opportunities. During our webinar, our Director of Solutions will provide crucial insight for senior living marketing teams, to help it spot geofencing and geoframing from a mile away.

What Senior Living Marketing Teams Should Expect to Learn During Our Webinar

Digital advertising is an ever-changing and evolving ecosystem. After attending our webinar on August 8th, senior living marketing teams will be more prepared to face the remainder of 2019, while entering 2020 with renewed focus.

How so?

By understanding the various programmatic advertising channels available, your community can be proactive to the needs of prospective residents and ACIs alike, while meeting those needs with a programmatic ad that feels personalized to them. The programmatic channels that will be covered during our webinar include:

  • Programmatic display advertising
  • Smart display ads
  • Native content advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Geofencing

For necessary insight into how your community can utilize each of these channels for your benefit, you’ll have to register for our webinar on August 8th.

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Of course, if your community has any questions prior to our webinar, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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