2 Reasons why SEO Should be a Staple of Your Senior Living Marketing in 2019

Many claims have been made that SEO is dead in 2019. Just check Google, you’ll see.

We can confidently state that SEO is not dead in 2019. As long as people rely on search engines to have their questions answered, SEO will stay relevant. For senior living marketing teams tasked with resident acquisition and occupancy, your website is an indispensable asset that captures consumers in the market for your services.

Therefore; your community’s website must be visible on search engines like Google during the crucial moment when residents and ACIs are researching senior living options.

How does your community ensure its website is visible on Google and other search engines?

SEO. To help your community ramp up its SEO efforts in 2019, continue reading to learn:

  • Two reasons why SEO must be a priority for senior living marketing teams in 2019

Reason #1 Why SEO is not Dead: SEO Captures (local) In-Demand Traffic

Prospective residents are researching for senior living options while you’re reading this content. These prospects are also in-market, but if your website isn’t found, your competition is likely to reap the benefits. SEO is the gateway to more calls, tours, and residents for your community.

That’s not to say SEO has gotten easier over the years. Some of the loopholes to skyrocket your website to the top of Google SERPs have been closed. That doesn’t mean your community should put SEO on the backburner for a more aggressive print or radio campaign.

While not guaranteed, results with SEO are more than possible. Similar to most things in life, SEO takes time. To have your community’s website appear in 2019, your marketing team will need to focus on creating a seamless experience for site visitors featuring quality content that earns clicks and interest.

After your senior living marketing team applies consistent dedication to your website over a sustained length of time (six months to over a year) your community will see results.

In fact, compared to other marketing channels, SEO is still your team’s lowest cost per acquisition, highest quality channel investment.

Reason #2 Why SEO is not Dead: SEO Grows Your Audience in key Areas (with a deliberate strategy)

For example, if your community has allocated marketing dollars to grow its memory care practice, bolster and grow that audience with your website using SEO. A website serves as an additional focused channel for your community. Using Google analytics data, your team can gain insight into pages receiving an influx of traffic, acting as low hanging fruit for SEO rankings.

Additionally, your team could discover pages receiving less traffic and conversions than anticipated. Traffic can be grown on these pages over time with strategic focus. In this instance, your team can write helpful content with focused keywords (but not stuffed with them), place a paid ad, and use your website (and search engines) to grow your audience in a strategic and meaningful way.

Given advanced datasets and reporting capabilities, your team can use SEO to track year over year growth and gain insights it wouldn’t have otherwise had with other advertising channels.

Need More Convincing SEO is not Dead? Contact Our Team

While difficult, SEO rewards websites with quality leads that are ready to engage with the solutions they’re searching for. In the case of your senior living community, by investing and optimizing your website for SEO success, your community will set itself up for this quality traffic.

If your team needs help, contact us. We’ve built our agency on the success of our provider partners. Let’s help your community surpass the goals set out for it and use your website and SEO to get there.

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