Yellow Pages Association Urges Directory Publishers to Give Consumers a Choice in Directory Delivery Options

It’s no secret that lately the Yellow Pages industry has been under pressure from environmental groups, legislators and consumers regarding its environmental impact and the ability for consumers to opt-out of receiving some or even all of the yellow pages directories delivered to them.  I had an opportunity to listen to a webinar designed to educate the publishers and CMR (Certified Marketing Representative) community on this topic. The Yellow Pages Association (YPA) is fearful that if directory publishers don’t take a proactive approach now while they still have some control and say in the matter, the Yellow Pages industry could go the way of the telemarketing industry. YPA believes a self-regulation policy is the best solution for the industry, Yellow Pages advertisers and consumers.  So while they still have the flexibility to implement their own consumer choice programs publishers are being urged to promote  By simply plugging in their zip code consumers are given a list of publishers who distribute directories in the local area and they are advised of the appropriate steps to take to stop delivery or adjust the number of yellow pages directories they receive. In addition to including their information on the yellow pages opt-out site, publishers are to place the opt-out notification clearly and conspicuously in all print directories and web sites.  For now folks who don’t participate in the delivery opt out program will continue to receive the books as usual.

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