Yellow Pages Use Spans Many Generations!

Look what I can find in the Yellow Pages
Look what I found in the Yellow Pages!

It was a typical Sunday night dinner at my parent’s house this past weekend. My niece & nephew were playing while we finished eating dinner. As I was sitting at the dining room table, I see my five-year old nephew carrying 3 different Yellow Pages  directories. He gave one of the books to his three-year old sister and the thinner book to his grandpa. Since he started learning how to count and learn his numbers, my nephew has always enjoyed flipping through the book and counting the “large” numbers on each page. The kids gathered on Grandpa’s lap with their perspective Yellow Pages directories. They each took turns creating their own imaginary pictures and stories within the books. Talk about imagination!

Since I am a bit biased with working in the Yellow Pages industry, I told my sister to snap a picture.  I thought that this would be a great story of Yellow Pages usage spanning multiple generations! Who knows if my niece & nephew will use the yellow pages as they get older, but for this moment in time, they enjoyed looking at the book and creating their own stories with their grandfather.

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