Making Life Easier

If you’re like most people, you live a pretty fast paced life and any time you can accomplish something in a quick, convenient way, you’re happy right? I thought you’d agree, so I wanted to share this small tip with you. Recently when searching, I learned of their very cool “send to mobile” feature.

When you’re in a hurry looking for various products and services and need to quickly capture the business information that you’ve searched you can click the “send to mobile” button and you’ll receive a text on your mobile phone with the business name, address and phone number. I found that very handy. If it’s a business you might need to deal with on a continual basis, you might even want to click on the text of the information and click save to address book for future reference.

You’ll find this “send to mobile” button on when the local business you’re searching for is attached to a local address and phone number. This feature is an added “perk” for paid advertisers on Hope this was helpful!

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