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We’ve talked previously on this blog about the importance of managing your online listings in certain industry verticals.  There are several ways to go about making sure your local online listings are up to date and correct, and one of the best ways is to implement a program with Yext.

The Yext Solution

Today, people use many different sources for local information, and all of these sources have their own database of listings that include business name, address, phone number, descriptions, photos, and so on.  There are so many databases out there, and the problem is that none of them are connected.  Whenever listing information changes, these databases end up falling out of sync.

Yext provides a real-time local search engine rank performance (SERP) solution to support your business locations that may be ranking poorly to non-branded keywords.  For example, keywords such as “women’s health clinic in Cleveland, Ohio”. The solution provides a real-time online listing feed that updates local listings on over 45 major search engines and online directories.  You can include rich content in the feed, such as pictures and videos.  Having your listings pushed out through Yext will significantly impact those non-branded keywords.

Once the Yext upload spreadsheet is completed and filled out with as much information about each location as possible, the listings will be immediately updated and will provide detailed descriptions to enhance long-tail searches. In fact, any additions, corrections and updates for your listings will be pushed out within 72 hours. The spreadsheet includes basic information such as name, address and phone number (NAP) as well as categories, hours, brands, services, links to social media, etc.  The more detailed information you push out, the more it will enhance local search engine ranking performance and “findability”.

Another feature Yext offers on their dashboard is reputation management.  Since many of the sites in the Yext network allows customers to post ratings and review on listings, the dashboard gives you the ability to view and respond to reviews about your locations as well as track your overall rating performance, all in one convenient place.  You can sign up for email alerts so you can respond to reviews immediately after someone posts one.

Yext also has an analytics tool for reporting purposes.  You can see how many listings are being pushed out across their network as well as how many times your listings have been searched and/or viewed.

Don’t let incorrect data deter your customers!  If your business has multiple locations, handling location listings across the internet can become a daunting task if you aren’t utilizing a tool like Yext.

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