Your Business & Reputation Management


When I searched online for the definition of “reputation”, I was served with the following:

– General opinions – the views that are generally held about somebody or something
– Good opinion – a high opinion that people hold about somebody or something
– Something or somebody is known for: the generally accepted estimation of somebody or something as having particular qualities or attributes

After reviewing those definitions above, you might ask yourself, “where does my business fit in”? If individuals can voice their comments, whether good, general or poor opinions, how can your business be made aware of customer sentiment and be pro-active and responsive to it?

This is where reputation management comes in. Having this solution in place provides a way for your business to monitor and respond to customer feedback. Putting an effort out there to “counter” any poor ratings and reviews just might influence your prospective customers in a positive way. In this day of social engagement, building a community around your brand and participating in the conversation, reputation management affords you a way to keep your pulse on the conversation.

I was able to find the following stats on the Local Search Association website on this very topic reflecting why managing your online reputation is important .

Here are some compelling stats highlighting the importance of managing a business’ online reputation:

• 95% of unhappy customers will return if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. (People Claim)
• Over half of brands (55.5%) do not have an effective strategy in place to deal with negative comments on social networks. (Social Media Marketing University)
• 7 in 10 survey respondents indicated that a brand’s response to an online consumer review changes their perception of a brand. (Bazaarvoice)
• 68% of SMBs don’t spend any time monitoring for online reviews. (Yodle)
• Just 40.5% of SMBs consider websites with customer opinion to be very or extremely important. (BIA/Kelsey)

Keep your business in the know by actively listening and monitoring what’s being said by your customers and prospects. Shed a positive light on your organization by participating in the conversation.

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