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You can’t fill your beds with new intakes if the phones aren’t ringing with qualified leads.

And, the phones aren’t going to ring if you’re still relying on outdated digital marketing strategies.

Our blog for addiction rehab centers explores the latest marketing trends affecting your business and offers actionable insights for generating qualified leads.

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2 Tips to Improve Email Marketing Performance for Addiction Treatment Centers

Managing an inbox can feel like full-time work. We’re in a constant state of opening, replying, forwarding, deleting and flagging important emails to reply to later. 99% of...


2 Tactics to Help Your Rehab Appear in Google Local 3-Pack Results

Imagine this scenario: a struggling addict in need is at their wits end and finally gathers the courage to seek help. They go to Google and perform a...


What’s the Difference Between A.I. and Machine Learning and How Does it Apply to Rehab?

Imagine if your rehab could use artificial intelligence (A.I.) to save the life of a struggling addict? With data-driven approaches being implemented in the healthcare industry, the prospect...


Why Bing Ads Requires LegitScript Certification for Addiction Treatment Advertising

Microsoft updated its advertising policy for Bing Ads, impacting the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry on February 20th. Bing joins Google and Facebook by partnering with LegitScript to...


Dr. Cali Estes on Connecting with Addiction Intakes | AMA Episode 1

As an addiction recovery professional, you certainly understand the potential negative consequences when intakes go against medical advice. How about your addiction treatment center? Does it ever go...


Channeling Tragedy into Transformation: 2 Tips to Creating Compelling Content

The holidays are an opportunity for us to bridge the gap between who we are and who we want to be. As an owner of an addiction treatment...


Does Your Website Encourage Conversions? Tips for Rehab Marketing Teams

If your rehab marketing team attributes all the credit to the web page or channel that drove a final conversion or completed action, it’s working with an incomplete...


5 Ways a Rehab can Check if an Email Marketing Campaign is Effective

Has this scenario happened to you? After standing in the checkout line at a grocery store for what feels like an eternity, it’s finally your turn. But you...

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