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You can’t fill your beds with new intakes if the phones aren’t ringing with qualified leads.

And, the phones aren’t going to ring if you’re still relying on outdated digital marketing strategies.

Our blog for addiction rehab centers explores the latest marketing trends affecting your business and offers actionable insights for generating qualified leads.

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The Definitive eBook for Rehab Lead Generation & LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification Arrived!

Last September, a report from The Verge shed light on shady practices in the addiction industry and caught Google’s attention. The outcome? Google ended PPC bidding for the...


Lost Your Spot on Google to SAMHSA or We Have 9 Tips to Make You Top Dog Again

Has your drug treatment center searched for itself on Google, only to find SAMHSA or in place of your #1 result? We get it. You’ve worked hard...


What Does Quality Website Traffic Look Like for Addiction Treatment Sites?

What’s better – quantity or quality website traffic for your drug addiction treatment center? In an ideal scenario, treatment facilities would have an excess of both, and would...


Are Duplicate Websites Diluting Your Rehab Marketing SEO? 3 Steps to Take

What do you notice about the pencils in the picture above? Obviously one of them is unique and special, while the others more or less look identical. The...


Are You Still There? 4 Benefits of Call Tracking for Drug Rehab Centers

Rehab marketers: are you struggling to identify which channels are driving calls and interactions with your treatment center? Attribution used to be difficult, but then call tracking entered...


Getting Your Rehab’s ‘House’ in Order: 6 Tips to Becoming Operationally Marketing Savvy

You’ve spent the better part of the summer attending to your home improvement checklist. Getting pesky branches hanging over the house trimmed, cleaning gutters, replacing siding, painting, etc....


Facebook Partners with LegitScript: What Your Rehab Marketing Team Needs to Know

The first wave of restrictions to paid advertising channels for the addiction treatment industry took place September 2017. 11 months later, Facebook joined Google in the effort to...


3 Crucial Ways Drug Addiction Detox Is Like Technical SEO?

Detox. It’s the important first step in an addict’s recovery. Your team knows that a successful detox sets the tone for the entire recovery journey. You might be...

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