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You can’t fill your beds with new intakes if the phones aren’t ringing with qualified leads.

And, the phones aren’t going to ring if you’re still relying on outdated digital marketing strategies.

Our blog for addiction rehab centers explores the latest marketing trends affecting your business and offers actionable insights for generating qualified leads.

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Facebook Partners with LegitScript: What Your Rehab Marketing Team Needs to Know

The first wave of restrictions to paid advertising channels for the addiction treatment industry took place September 2017. 11 months later, Facebook joined Google in the effort to...


3 Crucial Ways Drug Addiction Detox Is Like Technical SEO?

Detox. It’s the important first step in an addict’s recovery. Your team knows that a successful detox sets the tone for the entire recovery journey. You might be...


Call Quality Or Call Quantity? 3 Metrics To Determine Call Impact For Rehabs

It’s the dog days of summer – and that means spending time in the sun doing fun things like fishing. Fishing is a challenge requiring patience and persistence....


A Rehab Marketer’s Guide To Short, Mid & Long-Term SEO Success In 2018

Before September 2017, rehab marketers could take the proverbial ‘lift’ to the summit of the mountain in the form of quick hitting and highly visible PPC ads on...


Positive Benefits From Consistent Content Creation For Rehab Marketing

With over 3 million blog posts (and counting) published daily, your rehab marketing team might question, “What’s the point in spending so much time to create content? Isn’t...


3 CRO Best Practices For Addiction Rehab Marketing in 2018

Addiction marketers: as a resource to struggling addicts and their friends and families, you’ve worked hard to create the most useful content for your website. Based on your...


When AMA Means ‘Against Marketing Advice’ For Drug Rehab

As an addiction treatment center professional, the three letters you hate to hear most are probably AMA – an acronym for “against medical advice.” After all, you know...


8 Tips To Help Your Drug Treatment Center Thrive In A Post-AdWords World

For many businesses, the morning of September 14th, 2017 was probably much like any other morning. Unless of course, your business happened to be in the drug addiction...

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