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Google rolls out Mobile-First Indexing: What it means and steps to take

After a year and a half of testing, experimentation, and tweaking, Google officially announced it will begin migrating websites that follow mobile-first indexing best practices. The announcement shouldn’t...


Self-Storage Facilities and the Google AdWords Price Extension

As we mentioned in our last post highlighting how the Google AdWords Price Extension update will affect community marketing professionals: mobile search has officially surpassed desktop, and Google continues...


Google Price Extension for AdWords: 3 Things Community Marketers Need to Consider

As mobile search has officially surpassed desktop, Google continues to refine its algorithms and products to provide a better, more accurate experience for this growing user segment. A...


Geo-Precise Mobile Advertising

It happened this week: Google has stated that mobile searches overtook desktop searches in 10 countries including the United States and Japan. Marketers and researchers have been saying this...


Importance of Mobile Marketing

In just over 30 years, our world has become connected in ways that we never thought imaginable. We connect with others via our mobile phones, via emails or...


The Growth of Mobile Advertising

      Mobile phones.  Everywhere you look people have them.  They utilize them for work, at home, or both! It is estimated that in 2014, over half...


Kids And Their (Digital) Toys

I recently read an article titled 38 percent of kids under 2 use smartphones or tablets. I couldn’t pass this headline up as I have two children, 10...


Facebook Changes

It’s been a busy year for announcements and changes for Facebook. Since January, there have been quite a few updates. Some of these updates have been made with a...

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