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Bright Lights Big Insights – Linkmedia 360 Post-SSA’s Fall Conference Wrap-Up – Las Vegas 2017

A week has come and gone since SSA’s Fall Conference lit up the Vegas skyline. And what a whirlwind those three days were. The Self Storage team at...


How to Attract the Self Storage Customers You Really Want

In our previous blog post, the self-storage team challenged the 4 D’s of self storage and urged owners/operators to dig deeper to truly understand their customers. While the...


Odds on Insights – Linkmedia 360 heads to Vegas for SSA 2017

The Linkmedia 360 Self-Storage team is proud to once again partner with the Self-Storage Association and attend its fall conference and trade show from September 5-8 in Las...


Self Storage: Google Posts: Pros, Cons, and Insights

Google Posts — the unofficial title since Google hasn’t given it a formal name – are a fairly new feature to Google My Business that is still being...


Self Storage: The ABC’s of the 4 D’s

Any owner/operator who’s worked in self-storage long enough has most likely heard of the “4 D’s of self-storage.” Essentially, the 4 D’s categorizes the primary reasons people rent...


Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Self Storage Customers Happy

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the commonly-used adage, ‘Happy wife happy life’. This blog’s insight is similar in that vein, except in this case we’re referring to...


Self Storage: Make an Online Experience that “Clicks”

Click It to Win It We aren’t referring to the Adam Sandler film of the same name. This week’s post refers to the number of clicks and time...


Self Storage: 3 Proven Tactics to Monitor Reviews and Online Reputation

Self-Storage – Why Being Popular Matters Yelp is typically followed by ‘Gulp’, for Self-Storage owners and operators. That isn’t even accounting for negative reviews on Facebook! The complaints...

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