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Want to Solve the Puzzle of Sales and Marketing? Meet Our Team at SMASH

Whether it’s a crossword, sudoku, Rubik’s cube or jigsaw – we find a sense of satisfaction in putting disconnected pieces together and solving puzzles. So too are senior...


ICYMI: Top Questions and Answers from our Programmatic Advertising Webinar

Does programmatic advertising, native content and remarketing sound complex, though your senior living marketing team has heard these terms countless times during conferences? To simplify, consider shopping experiences...


Top 2 Reasons to Register for Next Week’s Programmatic Advertising Webinar

Marketing and leadership teams have likely heard the terms ‘native content advertising’, ‘programmatic advertising’, and ‘remarketing’ during conferences and trade shows. There’s good reason: the capabilities and versatility...


2 Benefits of Programmatic Display for Senior Living Communities

Though the technology powering programmatic display has underpinned the advertising industry for nearly a decade, it’s become a prominent point of discussion in senior living lately. Chances are,...


How Are Geofencing and Geoframing Utilized in Senior Living Marketing?

Location-based marketing creates opportunities to engage with customized, highly targeted audiences. Geofencing and geoframing are two types of location-based marketing methods used by providers to solve a variety...


The Definitive Guide to Senior Living Programmatic Display Advertising is Here!

Imagine what a provider could accomplish by capturing the demand of prospective residents the moment a need for senior housing arises, or even before? Programmatic display provides a...


How to Understand AI and Machine Learning in Senior Living Paid Advertising on Google

Does your senior living marketing team need to be involved if your paid advertising campaigns are powered by AI and machine learning? Short answer: Yes. Search engines are...


How to Apply Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method to Senior Living Content Marketing | Part 3 of 3

You’ve likely felt conflicted about purging certain objects while trying to tidy and de-clutter your home for the summer. Whether it’s your grown daughter’s infant clothes or a...

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