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3 Strategies When Marketing To Generation X For Senior Living Providers

The crumbling of the Berlin Wall. The Great Recession of 07/08. The show ‘Friends’. Generation X has witnessed and experienced major shifts in the world, workforce, and in...


Senior Living Marketer’s: Think Local Search Is Just Google? Think Again.

If the web is like the wild west, then to many, Google‘s considered the lone saloon in town. Senior living marketers might be surprised to learn that Google...


The ‘ABC’s’ Of Google Analytics For Busy Senior Living Marketing Teams In 2018

Analytics is, Frustrating! When you don’t know what the data means Does the haiku we whipped up describe your experience (to date) with Google Analytics? Perhaps we should...


3 Strategies For Senior Living Providers Marketing To Millennials – From a Millennial

When you think of a millennial, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? If you’re thinking millennials are digital natives, meme collectors, nonconformists, and are anti-advertising, you’d...


How to Find a New Job in Senior Living Marketing in 2018

If you’re looking for a new job in senior living marketing, the search can span weeks, months or longer. Perhaps no one understands how time-consuming and frustrating the...


2 Big Benefits To Walking In Your Residents Shoes By Creating A Buyer’s Journey

Perhaps we senior living marketers should take a page from Ralph Waldo Emerson. We’re a tad biased regarding a senior’s destination – to ultimately become a full-fledged member...


Know Your ACI? 2 Ways Generational Marketing Helps Senior Living Occupancy

Ever meet someone who ‘just gets you’? It’s a feeling senior living marketers try to replicate in their outreach with adult-child influencers. While having a pulse on the...


The Hacker’s Guide To Checking Your SEO Rankings

Senior living marketers, does this scenario sound familiar? You’re sitting in a meeting with board members and they begin ‘Googling’ your senior living community to check its ranking...

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