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2 Reasons why SEO Should be a Staple of Your Senior Living Marketing in 2019

Many claims have been made that SEO is dead in 2019. Just check Google, you’ll see. We can confidently state that SEO is not dead in 2019. As...


3 Tips to Improve Your Senior Living Community’s Marketing Plan for Events

Events are fun, but pulling off a successful, well-attended event is anything but easy. Months of meticulous and strategic planning are required. To help your senior living marketing...


Google Ranking Factors for Senior Living in 2019: What to Prioritize?

Did you know: Google updates its algorithm more than 500 times per year? Within this proprietary algorithm, Google uses over 200 ranking factors. But which Google ranking factors...


2 Tips to Create Content When Your Senior Living Community has no Time

One of the greatest shared challenges for senior living marketing practitioners is having too much work and not enough time. Your team may see the value that content...


Grand Opening (in 12 Months?) An Approach for Senior Living Communities

What’s the marketing plan to promote the grand opening of your new senior living community? Knock on doors and pass out fliers? Host an ice cream social prior...


Five Essential Tactics for Your 2019 Senior Living Marketing Plan

Is your community confident about surpassing marketing and occupancy goals in 2019? This year will surely bring its fair share of unexpected challenges. To help your team prepare...


One new way to Support Your Senior Living Community Grand Opening Marketing Plan

Wouldn’t it be nice if promoting a new location were as easy as the iconic quote from ‘Field of Dreams’? “If you build it, they will come.” Unfortunately,...


Keep Friends Close and Competition Closer: Benefits and Risks of Conquesting Ads in Senior Living

Have you ever searched for your senior living community on Google to find a paid ad for your competition at the top of search results? What gives? Are...

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