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One tip to Improve Your Senior Living Community’s Email Marketing Strategy

The sales cycle in senior living ranges anywhere from six months to three years (or longer in some cases) depending on the level of care your community offers....


Test and Learn: The Drivers of Great Senior Living Email Campaigns

Like a runner visualizing the finish line at the beginning of a race, it’s natural to be mindful of end goals before executing email marketing campaigns. That said,...


3 Tips to help Your Senior Living Community Maximize Heat Mapping

We have Harry S Truman to thank for coining the phrase “If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.” If your senior living community applies...


How Lead Scoring Helps Senior Living Communities Identify Interested Prospects

Don’t you wish you could focus the bulk of your outreach on “move-in ready” residents to shorten the sales cycle? Email marketing automation and CRMs can help teams...


3 Benefits Senior Living Providers Gain by Integrating CRM and EMA Data

Familiar with the phrase ‘The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’? Any senior living practitioner who’s experienced miscommunication between sales and marketing departments can...


Seven Tips on How to Promote a Website in Senior Living After Redesign

What a journey it’s been. Months of meetings, wireframing, strategic discussions with the C-suite, countless considerations and nearly sleepless nights…it’s finally time. Your community just finished redesigning its...


Important Insights into Senior Living: A LeadingAge Conference 2018 Recap

This year’s LeadingAge annual meeting 2018 brought unique opportunities to network, insightful thought leadership, a forum of forward-thinking ideas and more. Is your community ready to tackle tomorrow’s...


2 Opportunities Your Senior Living Community may be Missing in Google Analytics Conversion Reports

Have you run a marathon before? If you have or haven’t, we all know you don’t just dust off your running shoes the morning of the race and...

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