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Five Essential Google Ad Extensions for Senior Living Marketing Teams

Regardless of the device, when typing a search query on Google, it’s likely that before organic results are served, you’ll first see results for paid ads. Manuel (and...


What can Senior Living Providers do After Facebook’s Advertising Policy Update?

On March 19th, Facebook announced comprehensive changes to its advertising platform. Specifically, Facebook reduced ad targeting capabilities for the following industries: Housing Credit Employment These changes came as...


3 Tips to Update Senior Living Terminology for Your Website, Social Media and Paid Programs

What image is conjured when you hear the terms ‘old folks’ home’, ‘nursing home’ or ‘old age facility’? Is this outdated terminology a good representation of the direction...


6 Ways Home Remodeling is Like Website Redesign in Senior Living

You know what time of year it is…home remodeling and repair season. As you’re watching HGTV or putting together your own “honey do” list and/or DIY project, you’ve...


How PPC Ads can Attract and Engage Your Ideal Senior Living Resident

Your community’s next resident could be conducting a search as you’re reading this blog post. Will these ideal residents find your senior living community, or your competition? To...


3 Benefits of Google Ad Extensions for Senior Living Marketing

When senior living providers need to drive inquiries immediately due to changing occupancy, they typically turn to Google’s paid ads. If your team hasn’t used Google Ad extensions...


Robots Have Arrived: What is A.I. and Machine Learning? And, Does it Matter for Senior Living Communities?

”Danger, Will Robinson!” was the famous catchphrase often exclaimed by the protective and loyal robot from ‘Lost in Space’. While you may fondly remember this TV series growing...


How to Manage Demand: 2 Benefits of PPC Advertising for Senior Living in 2019

Does your community have a waiting list in place? If not, how will it combat shifts in occupancy levels? Aside from waiting for the phone to ring or...

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