Content Marketing

Every company has content about their business that they have been sharing for years, but they haven’t put together a comprehensive plan on how this content will ultimately help their business. Companies can share their content via their website, blog, newsletters or social media platforms. Organizing all of this content for specific messages and companies are all a part of content marketing. Linkmedia 360 can put together a comprehensive content marketing plan that will help promote as well and bring leads to your company.

Content Marketing programs are created based on the following:

Principles of Content Marketing

  • Creating a consistent publishing/editorial calendar
  • Finding the company’s voice
  • Deliver the best content available for the business

Steps to Create a Content Marketing Program

  • Create goals and organizational process for publishing content
  • Define the audience and tailor the content to that audience

Types of Content Marketing

  • Use a variety of content platforms to produce and publish the content from blogs, white papers, ebooks, podcasts and webinars.

Promotion of Content

  • Use social media platforms and other marketing tools to promote the content.

Measuring Campaigns

  • Measure, track and analyze the content programs


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