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Your brand’s digital marketing maturity directly correlates with one of the three stages of competency, these being:Digital Marketing Maturity

  • Novice

  • Practitioner

  • Expert

Each of these can be cross-checked against one of seven integral components of a robust digital experience:

Strategy | Team | Technology 

Branding | Visibility | Engagement | Conversions

Where your brand falls in the matrix will greatly affect your audience’s perception, which in turn can have either a positive or negative effect on lead generation, conversion, and ultimately residency rates and ROI.

The Team Showing You The Way From Here to There

Our senior living experts will provide you with the checklist, tools, and guidelines on how to advance from beginner to intermediate to pro – reach out now or stop by the Linkmedia 360 booth at MatrixCare Directions 2016, and be sure not to miss Kurt and Marissa’s presentation!



Meet Kurt Krejny


Meet Marissa Centofanti

Phil Smith

Meet Phil Smith

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