Email Marketing

Opt-in Email Marketing

Linkmedia 360 can help you directly reach your customers’ in-boxes.

• Linkmedia 360 creates an opt-in email campaign to target your ideal customers.

• The opt-in email campaign is 100% performance based to bring the best ROI for your business.

• There are many factors that are included in an opt-in email campaign including:

  • Email content creation
  • Custom landing page creation
  • Email deployment, tracking and management
  • Testing & optimizing of the campaign

Marketing Automation

Linkmedia 360 can create an automated email message campaign to nurture your sales leads.

• Linkmedia 360’s program works directly with your business Client Relationship Management program.

• The marketing automation program sends out a set number of emails after a prospect has filled out a contact form.

• The program sets leads by demographics and behaviors into your top prospects.

• The program integrates email campaigns with other marketing channels such as social media.

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