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3 Senior Living Event Planning Tips to help Your Community in 2018

Ever host a party or event in your personal life with underwhelming attendance? Or is that just me?

In any case, the analogy of a tree falling in the forest with no one hearing it could be how your senior living marketing team feels if it’s ever hosted or run an event with lackluster attendance.

Bearing that in mind, we have several digital specific recommendations to help your senior living marketing team create, promote, and track your next event.

In this event promotion for senior living post, your team will learn:

  • 3 digital marketing recommendations for your senior living community to help it run a flawless event to drive resident acquisition

3 Senior Living Event Planning Tips to Encourage Move-ins (while having fun too)

1.) Use Schema Markup to Highlight Events – If your community isn’t wrapping its events in schema, it’s missing visibility opportunities on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To those unfamiliar, schema is code created that helps search engines return more informative results for users, by highlighting pertinent details your community wants featured. For example, your community can wrap the following in schema to increase visibility for your events:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • The Hours the event will be held
  • Phone Numbers

2.) Build buzz with Social Media Promotion – Social media has changed the event promotion game fundamentally. To maximize the results for your events, consider applying a paid budget to extend the reach beyond your usual network of followers, subscribers, and fans.

Granted, your community doesn’t have to spend anything to post its message, and depending on the platform in your marketing mix, can still see results that help your event build buzz and raise awareness. Try to enable the following best practices, taking 2018’s algorithm updates in mind for your social media event promotion:

  • Go “Live” to increase in the moment engagement opportunities
  • Use relevant hashtags that fit your communities brand and tone
  • Post pictures, promote stories
  • Create an event page and invite applicable users
  • Have a cohesive vision across all social channels your community is active on, while taking each platforms unique audiences at the forefront

3.) Track the Success with Your CRM – Your senior living marketing team handled the backend code by implementing schema and built buzz by promoting your event on social media. Now your team will need to track its success. A CRM can seamlessly manage multiple data points while nurturing leads and building buzz for your event. Your senior living marketing team can use its CRM to improve its event promotion strategy the following ways:

  • Email marketing (use to remind prospective attendees about the event and update them with additional details)
  • Allows for smarter, integrated tracking of move-in information and information about their family, to help your sales, and to provide more accurate resident care when they move-in
  • Makes post event follow up easier for your sales team
  • When integrated into a marketing automation solution is part of your communities continuous strategy

Here’s to Senior Living Event Promotion Success in 2018

Planning, promoting, and running a successful event isn’t a simple undertaking, but we hope our digital marketing-focused tips help your community. Of course, if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll help your community connect the dots and accomplish your goals.

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