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Senior Living Series: 5 Senior Living Marketing Ideas for 2018 Part 1 of 6

2017 was a year that saw many changes in Senior Living. Now that it’s officially in the rearview: What has your community learned? Was your community satisfied with its performance in the fast-paced, competitive senior living space?

Here’s 4 noteworthy highlights our team observed in Senior Living from 2017:

  • The Rise of the ‘Digitally Savvy Senior’
  • Shifts in Living Preferences drive the need for differentiation between: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Independent Living, Home Healthcare, CCRC’s, Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Declining occupancy levels coupled with intense competition lead the way for greater investments in technology and innovation
  • Senior Living Communities are reallocating marketing budgets from traditional marketing channels to digital marketing while also tying ROI between online and offline channels

These highlights are a combination of insights pulled from meetings, conferences attended, and candid conversations throughout 2017. But to gain a true understanding of the challenges impacting resident acquisition and overall success in Senior Living, our team went a level deeper.

We surveyed over 200 Senior Living Communities and spoke with practitioners to gain insights into what’s really moving the industry, and where opportunities for growth lie in 2018. We’ll share our findings in full in March when the ‘2018 Senior Living Sales Marketing and Leadership Guide’, is published.

To set the stage for our Sales and Marketing Leadership guide, we created a series with 5 impactful senior living marketing ideas for communities to implement into their resident acquisition strategies in 2018. Coupled with the insights provided within the Leadership guide, our recommended ideas will ensure that your community is up to date in accordance with the industry and is poised to make 2018 the best year for occupancy yet.

Series Takeaways:

  • Provide 5 Senior Living Marketing Ideas Your Community can implement to improve occupancy and resident acquisition in 2018
  • Promote a holistic mindset for Senior Living practitioners in 2018 to close the loop between traditional and digital (offline and online) strategies

5 Senior Living Marketing Ideas Covered in the Series

In this series, you’ll learn 5 senior living marketing ideas your community can implement in 2018 to proactively impact resident acquisition and achieve the goals that matter most to your community. We’ll discuss:

  • Targeting/Recruiting both the ACI and Parent to satisfy all stakeholders: It’s one of the toughest tightrope walks a senior living practitioner can undertake. We include the channels necessary to earn the trust of the ACI, while enticing the prospective resident. This section discusses the importance of balancing your ACI and prospective resident’s needs to achieve your resident acquisition goal.
  • Promoting Wellness Options to build trust: Today’s seniors want more than a place to hang their hat. We provide tips to integrate your community’s wellness programs into your marketing and occupancy strategies.
  • Continuing (or beginning) a Content Marketing Strategy to better engage your audience: Content is still king. We explore how senior living communities can capitalize on content in 2018. Our team provides ways to grow a content program for both beginners and communities with a consistent content marketing strategy.
  • Investing in Marketing Automation to support the decision-making process: Work smarter, not harder. Learn how to leverage marketing automation as an additional salesperson for your community. We provide the various ways marketing automation integrates into your overall resident acquisition strategy.
  • Marketing Your Community Experience to share what it’s really like to live there: While everyone loves stock photo imagery of an elderly person playing checkers, does it provide a true window into the daily life at your community? We provide ways community’s can use data and analytics to create real-time insights to paint a more accurate (and creative) portrait of your community’s experience.

Fill that Funnel: Make 2018 the Year of Resident Acquisition

Do the highlights we addressed align with what you’ve experienced in 2017?

We understand the constraints placed on teams at senior living communities. 2018 brings with it many of the same challenges as 2017, and the 5 ideas our team recommended will affect your community if they haven’t already.

In the next installment in this series, our team will dive into how your community can leverage both the ACI and prospective resident to achieve your resident acquisition goals. Of course, if your community has any questions before the next installment is published, contact us.

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Brett Benko

Senior Digital Solutions Specialist

Brett Benko is a digital solutions specialist. He has a knack for client empathy and constantly challenges himself to derive insight while obtaining tangible results. He graduated from Kent State University in 2012. He remains active in academia, having recently served on selection committees and charitable boards. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, writing fiction and poetry, traveling, and unabashedly sings karaoke (to mixed reactions) with friends.

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