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Learn more about Addiction lead generation & the LegitScripts Addiction Certification process

Google made sweeping changes to Ads for the Drug Rehab industry last September, and Facebook changed Ads this past August. The need for long-term, sustainable lead generation has never been greater. Learn 6 Must-Use lead generation channels, 18 tactics to maximize the investment in these channels, and the steps your Addiction Treatment center can take to become LegitScript approved, and accepted back into Google and Facebook Ads. Download the definitive eBook for long-term lead generation today!

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When ready to seek help, the research process of an addict and their concerned family members progresses over time and in a non-linear fashion. Before they search for the brand name of a treatment center, they search for ways to solve their situation. Are you providing support and solutions along the journey that will build trust and help them pick your treatment center?