Analytics & Reporting

Data Science to Power Digital Marketing & Customer Acquisition Trends

Our analytics and reporting solution (backed by data science expertise) provides a framework for ongoing measurement of your digital presence in support of meeting/exceeding your established business goals. At the end of the day, customer acquisition matters most, and we are right in line with this objective. Accurate collection of data and insights will inform ongoing digital channel optimization in a way that is easy to understand and has an outlook on projecting future results.

How Analytics & Reporting Works

Increased Customers

Location Page Activity, Overall Occupancy and Service Line Trends

Inform Operations

Location, Demographics, Seasonal Habits, Mobile Behavior

Location Performance

Traffic Channels, Services Demand, Availability, Expansion, Seasonality, Pricing


Measurement & Learning Plan


A variety of reporting platforms can be integrated through API connections and our data warehouse for advanced reporting delivery that exemplifies accountability and tells a meaningful story to continually drive results forward.


Due to seasonality and market competitiveness trends, insights are reviewed in year-over-year and year-to-date fashion for any given reporting period. We educate clients on the “so what?” and “why?” behind each trend.


Our marketing optimization plan evolves over time to surface up the most important data that impacts the way the business is run from a digital web presence standpoint. Action-oriented insights fuel all upcoming activities.

What Our Client Partners Get


Your dedicated Linkmedia 360 analytics team delivers a customized and highly visualized monthly dashboard that contains documented insights on digital marketing channels, lead generation and customer acquisition trends.

In addition to reviewing the previous month trends and comparing to year-over-year data, we also have an eye on upcoming months and how the data informs next steps to continue increasing key performance indicators (KPIs) that result in high quality inquiries.

Our goal is to collaborate with client partners to establish a cost-per-lead (CPL) model, and ultimately prove out the return-on-investment (ROI), so you know that your investment in our digital marketing and analytics team is truly impacting your bottom line.


If I partner with Linkmedia 360 for digital marketing, do I get to own my analytics data?
Yes. We are strong believers that an analytics tracking account (i.e. Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics) should be setup in your ownership and remain in your possession. We do not hold any client partner hostage to data that they should rightfully own.
Can your agency conduct a standalone audit and optimization plan to establish data integrity for our organization?
We realize that the start of a digital marketing partnership is based on trust. Many of our ongoing programs begin with a thorough analytics audit to help establish data integrity and implement proper website goal/event tracking.