Directional Media

Partner with a Best-in-Class CMR to Drive More Leads

Our directional media performance programs are focused on creating comprehensive solutions to maximize your investment and drive inbound leads. Our strategy is centered on creating media plans that align with the way local consumers search for your product or service when they are ready to make a purchase decision. All campaigns are managed through a dedicated team, that centralizes billing and publisher interaction through a single point of contact. From performance media pay-per-call programs, mobile display targeting, print and online directories – we have you covered!

How Directional Media Works

Audience Media Usage & Segmentation

Determining how local consumers search for a business or a service in your markets.

Media Plan Creation

Overlaying consumer search habits in each market to ensure the correct mix of online, mobile and print media.

Media Procurement

Focused on designing media plans that bundle together online, mobile and print search sources to create more cost effective buys and driving a lower cost per lead.

Campaign Measurement

Centered on tracking inbound leads and measuring conversions to see which channels and media sources drive the strongest ROI.

Insights & Actions

Assessing each campaign and what tactics are driving the best results. Lead generation and conversions will drive future media plans and tactics.

Performance Program Benefits


One dedicated team that handles media planning, creative production, campaign reporting, publisher contact and order approval.


Easy to understand media placements and ordering process.


One invoice contains all media placements, versus multiple invoices from different media outlets.

What Our Client Partners Get


You will be provided with a directional media partner focused on driving results, creating efficiencies and generating savings. Our account team is aligned with your lead generation goals and not focused on increasing or maintaining media spend that dies not drive results, but through forming a long-term partnership.

Your dedicated account team will provide daily account service and quality assurance that ensures you are driving results through your directional media campaigns.