Marketing Automation

Assist Sales with Streamlined Email Communication

Marketing automation can act as an inside sales person, scrubbing through the tire-kickers and accurately providing insights about a user who is ready for a personal phone call or email. As the name implies, it takes out the human element of guesswork and allows your sales team to efficiently close deals and manage in-person relationships.

How Marketing Automation Works

A/B Testing

Optimized calls to action and lead forms capture valuable information about your website visitors including their intent and potential future actions.

Automated Emails

Based on user data inputs, a series of automated email messages are delivered to the prospect’s inbox with content that matches their intent

Interaction Tracking

Email and website interactions are tracked in analytics to determine the quality of the prospect and where they may be in their decision stage.

CRM Tracking

A user profile is built and connects to your CRM tool to enable lead scoring and additional digital marketing opportunities to follow up on.

Lead Follow-up

Your sales rep has valuable information for personal phone and email follow-ups to schedule an in-person meeting to increase the chances of a sale.

Integrated Email Automation Strategy


Proper tagging of campaigns with call tracking and website analytics allows us to take user interaction data from emails and continually optimize automated messaging campaigns connected to your website.


Our team evaluates conversion rates, email open rates and click throughs – and connects these data points to closed customers and revenue. After launch, we further optimize campaigns to produce ROI improvements.


Ongoing optimization and testing of marketing automation and email newsletter campaigns allows us to obtain key data points to purposefully map out digital marketing decisions to target personas and buying stages.

What Our Client Partners Get


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a digital program where all the dots are connected from the original traffic source to the messaging that turns prospects to turn into customers?

If you aren’t there yet, our advice is to start simple. Let us help you integrate your website with your CRM to further maximize your digital marketing investments.

Our marketing automation processes are tailored to unique decision-making and buying cycles. We assist with the strategic alignment of sales cadence, call-to-action development, template design, content resources, call tracking, advanced workflows and ongoing conversion optimization.


What email marketing automation platform do you recommend?
It all depends on your strategy to support your personas, business divisions and your business goals. We help determine the right platform solution to meet your current needs, budget, and account for evolving strategy and integration requirements.
Can you work with the marketing automation I already have in place?
There's a good possibility we can work with what you have, but we first prefer to conduct a full assessment on the platform, the workflows and ability to streamline integration with your website, CRM and reporting metrics. Linkmedia 360 can do it all, or provide an advisory service to compliment your internal marketing team.